Adult Treatment

Adult Treatment

It is never late to start the journey towards getting the smile you deserve. With the advances made into orthodontic treatment, it is not just a treatment for kids anymore. If you are not happy with your smile and have been looking for a change, now is your time. Between Clear braces, Invisalign and lingual braces, Dr. Sepi will find the right treatment for you, tailored for your needs that meet your expectations.

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What to expect at your first orthodontic visit?

Life can be too busy. Between your career and your personal life, sometimes it feels impossible to make time for your orthodontic treatment. With our flexible schedule, we can make your appointment around your schedule and find a time that works for you. Nothing should keep you from getting the smile you deserve. 

Your first step is to schedule your complimentary consultation. At your first exam, Dr. Sepi will do a thorough clinical examination and obtain some x-rays. Your complimentary exam will take about an hour and Dr. Sepi will determine if you benefit from orthodontic treatment, and discuss your treatment options. Our financial coordinator will then go over the cost of treatment and help you choose a flexible payment plan that best fits you.

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