Early Treatment for Children

Benefits of Early Treatment

  • Space is created for crowded permanent teeth
  • Maintaing space for teeth that have not surfaced yet
  • Reduces the risk of trauma and injury to the front teeth if they are sticking out
  • Can reduce the need for taking our permanent teeth
  • Can reduce treatment time with braces
  • Can fix facial asymmetry and can promote ideal jaw growth
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Shorter and Less Invasive

Early treatment is often less invasive and is addressing some important concerns while we wait for all the adult teeth to surface. By addressing some of the orthodontic concerns at an early age, Dr. Sepi might eliminate the need for future permanent tooth removal.

Some of the habits and problems that develop earlier in life such as thumb sucking or breathing style can have some effects on growth later in life. The duration of treatment is usually around 9 months and after that, Dr. Sepi will determine if your child needs second round of treatment once all permanent teeth come in.

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Orthodontics for Children

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children are screened by an orthodontist by the age of 7. At iSmile Orthodontics, Dr. Sepi offers early treatment for your children, guiding adult teeth into their proper form and spot over time.

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