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How Does Your Smile Change As You Age!

My teeth have started getting crooked and they were straight before!

A lot of things change as you transition into adult life. You become financially independent which is awesome! But there are some other parts of becoming an adult and aging that are not as fun. An injury might take longer to heal, compared to when you were a teenager. But one of the things you have probably noticed is your teeth shifting and becoming more crooked. Here are a few things you need to know about the change in your teeth as you age:

1) You show more of [...] Read More

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What to Eat With Braces?

You just got braces and are wondering what you can eat during the first few days when your teeth are very sore! We have put together a list of the foods that you can eat during the first few days.

If you are shopping at Whole Food in Totem Lake  or the Whole Foods market in Redmond, you can find the list of the foods you can eat with braces here. Click on the photo of each item to see the link to the product as well.

1) Mac & Cheese

Our [...] Read More

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What is a Crossbite? Does My Kid Have Crossbite? Does it Need to be Fixed?

Crossbite is a misalignment of the teeth. Ideally, bottom teeth should fit into the top teeth. Just like a shoe box fit into the lid for the box. If this situation is reversed and top teeth fit into the bottom teeth, a crossbite is present. Crossbite can be seen only on one side of the back teeth (posterior crossbite), both sides or the front (anterior crossbite). Your child could have only the posterior or anterior crossbite or have both.

Why does my kid have crossbite? Does it need to be fixed?

There are many factors that can lead to a [...] Read More

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Limited Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

A new smile…. A jewel on your face

A lot of people say I feel like my face needs something to brighten up, I need a change! Ever wonder what than change could be?

A beautiful and straight smile is sometimes all you need. As the old saying goes “Eyes are the window to your soul and smile is the mirror to your heart”. If you are not happy with your smile, schedule a free consult at our Redmond office here at iSmile Orthodontics and see what can be done to make your teeth [...] Read More

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My Kid’s Teeth Are Coming in Chipped! The Edges Are Not Even!

At around age 7, the front baby teeth are lost and permanent teeth starting coming in on the front. There are a few things that parents notice when their child’s first permanent teeth come in. In this blog post, we discuss your most common concerns when the fist permanent teeth come in.

The teeth look much bigger than the baby teeth! Is there going to be room for all of them?

1) The front permanent teeth are much bigger than the baby ones they replace. They also look relatively big because the teeth adjacent [...] Read More

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Difference Between Smile Direct Club or Candid With an Orthodontist?

Modern life has made everything much easier. Technology has revolutionized our lives. If you are on any social media app, you have seen or heard about Smile Direct Club or Candid as a cheaper alternative to straighten your teeth. So what are those companies and are they a better alternative to seeing an orthodontist?

To answer this question, let’s first talk about what each of the two do as part of your treatment.

Smile Direct Club or Candid have a store front. You would go into the store and get a scan of your teeth by a [...] Read More