Botox® and braces! How to treat a gummy smile?

From Fashion to all the beauty procedures, from aging gracefully to deciding to go under the knife, each individual has their own preferences when it comes to how they decide to age. The important factor is having the right information. The science of orthodontics has evolved greatly over the past decade. Adults are looking into Invisalign, clear aligner or braces treatment more than ever before. When diagnosed correctly, treatment planned perfectly by the right orthodontist, and administered with care, your orthodontic treatment can not only straighten your teeth and improve your oral hygiene, but it can also enhance [...] Read More

Group of kids smiling

Do braces hurt?

One of the most common questions kid (or even adults) ask when they want to start orthodontic treatment is “Do braces hurt” or ” How bad is it going to hurt”. Most people have either heard some scary stories from their friends or watched something on Youtube. Today, Dr Sepi at iSmile Orthodontics is going to break it down for you and explain exactly how much braces hurt.

If you are starting braces…….

First day of braces

Your teeth will start getting sore after a few hours. We recommend that patients have a good lunch or breakfast right [...] Read More
Dr. Sepi Torkan at iSmile Orthodontics Redmond WA

7 tip on how to find the best orthodontist near me | Best orthodontist in Redmond, WA

It is about time to start orthodontic treatment either for yourself or your kid. You start doing your research or start asking your friends! There is a good chance that you are overwhelmed by the response! Probably wondering how you can choose the best one for you or your kid. It is not a decision that can be taken lightly. You will be going to an orthodontist office for 1-2 years. You need an orthodontist that is close to your home, a place where you can feel comfortable, and someone you can trust with your smile. At iSmile [...] Read More

orthodontic separators

All you need to know about orthodontic separators

Orthodontic separators or “spacers” are round rubbery loops that are placed in between your teeth by your orthodontist before you start your orthodontic treatment. The purpose of placing separators is to create room in between your teeth so that orthodontic appliances can be placed on your teeth.

Here are all the important things you need to know about your separators:

They are either blue or white in color. You can easily identify them by looking in the mirror They usually need to stay in your mouth for about 5-7 days. When you bite down, you might have a [...] Read More
Teeth that are clean after brushing

Should I floss or brush first?


When I was a kid, I always wondered if I should floss or brush first! Then I would ask my mom, and the next day, I would forget again! It is almost like when you are trying to make mimosa! Which one goes first? Orange juice or your bubbly? For the longest time, I would forget which ones goes first, and now, I finally seem to have learned it! It is the OJ that goes in  first!

Is there even a difference between brushing first or flossing first? According to studies, there is. You will get [...] Read More

Orthodontic expander questions and problems

FAQs about orthodontic expander

How to make a turn with the expander?

The turn is best done by a parent. Here are some easy steps

Sit in  a well-lit area and tilt patient’s head back Place the key provided by your orthodontist firmly in the hole at the center of the expander. You might need to use flashlight to see clearly Push the key TOWARDS THE BACK OF THE MOUTH. The fender will rotate and a new hole will appear. When you can see the new hole completely, you are done turning. Remove the key and [...] Read More