Some Pointers for Poking Wires

We know that having metal in your mouth doesn’t always feel like the most natural thing. Fortunately, after you get your braces on and have your initial adjustment, most people don’t even notice their braces are there. However, sometimes a pesky wire will escape and remind you that your braces are there. Have no fear Read More

The Relationship Between Asthma & Cavities

The headline of this blog post is pretty shocking isn’t it? Many people are unaware of the link between asthma and tooth decay resulting from a dry mouth. Here is some more information from Dr. Sepi Torkan at iSmile Orthodontics. You may be wondering what does asthma have to do with cavities. When people aren’t easily Read More

5 Fun Activities to do with Your Kids at Home

With many of us transitioning to the “new normal” of homeschooling our children, the change can be tough. Balancing work and home life can be challenging for any parent. But how can you make learning fun and engaging while social distancing? Don’t fret! Dr. Sepi Torkan of iSmile Orthodontics has 5 activities you can do at Read More

4 Benefits of Virtual Orthodontic Appointments

Virtual orthodontic appointments are nothing new, yet have become more common practice since the spread of COVID-19. As an alternative to meeting in-person, virtual orthodontic consultations are a great way to stay healthy while social distancing. If you or someone you know is considering braces or clear aligners, Dr. Sepi Torkan of iSmile Orthodontics shares 4 Read More

When is the average age for kids to get braces?

One of the big questions parents have is when their kid is ready for orthodontic treatment. You are probably seeing a pediatric dentist for your kid. The pediatric dentists do a really good job screening your kid’s teeth and determining when they need to see an orthodontist. If your pediatric dentist notices something out of Read More

How can I fix my bite?

Orthodontic treatment is not just about aesthetics. Yes, It is a way to perfect your smile, but at times, it is all about function. If your bite is not right, you know exactly what I am talking about. Here are a few signs that your bite is not right: You bite your cheeks and lips Read More

Does it hurt to take braces off?

Your day is finally here! It is finally time to take your braces off! Yay! But is it going to hurt?   Taking brace off is just like putting them on! It is one of your longer appointments. Your orthodontist will take all the braces off, then polish your teeth to make sure they are Read More

Step Up Your Selfie Game with Orthodontics

Every patient has their own reasons for deciding to undergo orthodontic treatment. For teens, image has always been a key factor in social integration, and in today’s beauty-conscious society, a beautiful smile is high on their list of priorities. The ever-popular selfie gives teens a confidence boost and social media is the ideal platform to Read More

Why do my gums bleed when I brush?

Bleeding gums! Why does it happen, what does it signify and how do I get rid of it?   If your gums bleed, probably the first time you noticed it was after brushing. You were about to spit the mixture of toothpaste and saliva when you saw a brownish/red color! That probably gave a big Read More

Should I get braces before or after implant?

More and more adult patients are starting orthodontic treatment. It can be a limited treatment for some crowding on the front or it could be a more comprehensive treatment to address a bigger issue. With Invisalign, clear aligners, Champagne braces or gold braces, there are so many options to choose from and that is one Read More

How do I know if I/my kids need braces?

A quick quiz to know if you need braces or orthodontic treatment. A lot of our patients have been wondering if they even need braces or Invisalign, or if they would even benefit from them. Once we outline the problems we see and things that could be fixed with orthodontic treatment, they are often surprised. Read More

Botox® and braces! How to treat a gummy smile?

From Fashion to all the beauty procedures, from aging gracefully to deciding to go under the knife, each individual has their own preferences when it comes to how they decide to age. The important factor is having the right information. The science of orthodontics has evolved greatly over the past decade. Adults are looking into Read More

Do braces hurt?

One of the most common questions kid (or even adults) ask when they want to start orthodontic treatment is “Do braces hurt” or ” How bad is it going to hurt”. Most people have either heard some scary stories from their friends or watched something on Youtube. Today, Dr Sepi at iSmile Orthodontics is going Read More

All you need to know about orthodontic separators

Orthodontic separators or “spacers” are round rubbery loops that are placed in between your teeth by your orthodontist before you start your orthodontic treatment. The purpose of placing separators is to create room in between your teeth so that orthodontic appliances can be placed on your teeth. Here are all the important things you need Read More

Should I floss or brush first?

  When I was a kid, I always wondered if I should floss or brush first! Then I would ask my mom, and the next day, I would forget again! It is almost like when you are trying to make mimosa! Which one goes first? Orange juice or your bubbly? For the longest time, I Read More

Orthodontic expander questions and problems

FAQs about orthodontic expander How to make a turn with the expander? The turn is best done by a parent. Here are some easy steps Sit in  a well-lit area and tilt patient’s head back Place the key provided by your orthodontist firmly in the hole at the center of the expander. You might need Read More