Botox® and braces! How to treat a gummy smile?

From Fashion to all the beauty procedures, from aging gracefully to deciding to go under the knife, each individual has their own preferences when it comes to how they decide to age. The important factor is having the right information. The science of orthodontics has evolved greatly over the past decade. Adults are looking into Invisalign, clear aligner or braces treatment more than ever before. When diagnosed correctly, treatment planned perfectly by the right orthodontist, and administered with care, your orthodontic treatment can not only straighten your teeth and improve your oral hygiene, but it can also enhance your look and give you a much more youthful appearance. If you are an adult, looking for ways to enhance your look, or just want to get more information, ask our orthodontist, Dr Sepi Torkan.

At iSmile Orthodontics in Redmond, our board-certified orthodontist, Dr Sepi has extensive an knowledge and experience, as well as personal interest in combining different treatments to achieve the maximum improvement in your appearance. Today, we are focusing on Botox and how it can be used in combination with your Invisalign or clear aligner treatment to give you a more youthful look! Something that will keep your friends guessing as they will have no idea what you have done, but you simply look much younger.

Botox® has historically been used for wrinkles. But did you know that it can be used for your lips too? When you smile, you should show a certain amount of your teeth and your gum. The ideal proportion is the full length of your teeth, but just a very small band of your gum. Some people show much more gum when they smile. It is also referred to as “gummy smile”.

There are several reasons why someone has a gummy smile:

  1. Short upper lip: A short lip will make your tooth show much more significant and result in a gummy smile
  2. Hypermobile lip: A hypermobile lip is not necessarily short, but just moves further when you smile or laugh, causing the gummy smile
  3. Short teeth: Some people have shorter teeth than average and therefore show more gum when they smile.
  4. Longer face: Sometimes, gummy smile is caused by a true skeletal problem. A longer face can lead to vertical excess of bone and thus, a gummy smile.

The key in treating a gummy smile is proper diagnosis.  Although all the above mentioned factors can cause a gummy smile, not all of them should be treated the same.

A hypermobile lip can be corrected with Botox®. Botox® could relax the muscles that pull the lip up and prevent its further mobility and movement. Botox® results are temporary and will have to be repeated every few months. A combination of Botox® and clear aligner or Invisalign treatment can create the perfect smile.

But remember, Botox® is not one remedy for all! The same treatment can be catastrophic if administered wrong! Longer faces or shorter teeth cannot and should not be corrected with Botox®.

Just like Botox® can relax and lengthen the lips, fillers can be used in conjunction with orthodontic treatment to improve your appearance. We will discuss fillers in more details in a different post.

For a proper diagnosis and treatment, make sure you see a board-certified orthodontist. Schedule your free exam today.

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