Coronavirus quarantine: 5 fun things to do at home with your kids



One of the best things to do while you are in quarantine because of the COVID-19  is keep busy and stay away from negative thoughts. Remember that this is affecting everyone and we are all in this together. There is no need to panic, but it is also safe to stay at home and help flatten the curve, slow the progress of disease and help the elderly.Here is a list of things to do while you are at home:


  • Puzzle: Solving puzzles is a great way to teach kids to work hard at solving complex problems and not to give up easily. It teaches our kids patience and perseverance. You can buy some of the most engaging jigsaw puzzles at Amazon. Here is a link to one of the beautiful and entertaining puzzles in Amazon



Alternatively, you can go to Jigsaw jungle website to order your puzzle.


  • Board games: Board games are a great way for all family members to bond and get closer than ever. Some even claim that board games help kid’s mental growth, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s in adults and elderly, decreases the stress and brings laughter. We can all agree that during the quarantine times, we need laughter more than anything. Here is a link to Scrabble game on Amazon, but you can find an array of different kinds of Board games online.

Board game, scrabble


  • Practice cooking together: You can find a series of fun kid’s cooking recipes. Turn those kids into junior chefs and enjoy working with them in the kitchen. Kids are going to love taking on new responsibilities and trying new things. There are several website that provide free recipes for kids and adults. This is a good website with some amazing recipes that kids would love to try. Just remember that you ask those junior chefs to wash their hands before they get busy cooking to avoid transmitting the COVID-19 virus.

All recipes has recipes that would fit every taste and every occasion. Find your favorite recipe and get cooking

  • Work out from home: Gyms closing due to COVID-19 and you are wondering how to continue on your workout? Has losing weight been one of your new resolutions of 2020? Now you have a lot of time on your hand to work out every day. Work out increases Endorphins which are the hormones that makes you happy and help boost your energy. Thinking you don’t have any equipment to work our from home? No worries, subscribe to this amazing YouTube channel and get some amazing work out instructions with no equipment needed.


In the end, there is one more advice you need to follow. Stay positive and remember than we are all in this together. With our help, the COVID-19 and the quarantine shall pass too. Beautiful bright days of summer are ahead of us.



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