How can I fix my bite?

Orthodontic treatment is not just about aesthetics. Yes, It is a way to perfect your smile, but at times, it is all about function. If your bite is not right, you know exactly what I am talking about. Here are a few signs that your bite is not right:

  1. You bite your cheeks and lips a lot when you eat food
  2. You cannot eat or chew food efficiently
  3. Your teeth do not meet properly
  4. Your jaw hurts or pops a lot

When your teeth do not meet  right, your function is compromised. That can lead to social anxiety and severe wear on your teeth among many other problem. There is a chance for increased pressure on your jaw joints as well. Properly aligned teeth not only improve your confidence, but also improve your overall health and life expectancy.

The easiest way to fix bite problems is to do it when you are young. It is much easier to affect the jaws and move the teeth in kids and teenagers. But this does not mean that fixing the bite in adults is impossible. With recent advances in orthodontics, it is now easier than ever to fix bite problems in adults with the help of braces or clear aligners. There is no such thing as impossible. If you are not happy with your bite, it can be fixed.


Here are some of the most common bite problems in one picture. Not all bite problems are listed here. If your bite resembles one of these pictures, you need to schedule your free appointment and see an orthodontist.

  1. Overbite is when your teeth are sticking out too far and there is a gap between your top and bottom teeth
  2. Underbite is when your bottom teeth are in front of your top teeth
  3. Openbite is when your front teeth do not touch when you close your mouth
  4. Flared teeth is when both your top and bottom teeth are sticking out too far

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