How Does Your Smile Change As You Age!

My teeth have started getting crooked and they were straight before!

A lot of things change as you transition into adult life. You become financially independent which is awesome! But there are some other parts of becoming an adult and aging that are not as fun. An injury might take longer to heal, compared to when you were a teenager. But one of the things you have probably noticed is your teeth shifting and becoming more crooked. Here are a few things you need to know about the change in your teeth as you age:

1) You show more of your top teeth when you are younger and as you get older, you start showing less and less of your top teeth and more and more of your bottom teeth. Take a look in the mirror! If you are 30 and younger, the chances are you will mostly see your top teeth when you talk. If you are 40 and over, you probably see more of your bottom teeth when you talk. That is the normal process of aging, but it also means that if your bottom teeth are crooked, people are going to start to notice, whereas before, nobody could actually see your bottom teeth when you talked.

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2) Your teeth move all your life. Due to several reasons, your bottom teeth will start becoming more and more crowded as you age. You might have had perfectly straight teeth when you were younger, but as you are getting older, they are just shifting. That one is also a normal process of aging. All you need to do is schedule an appointment and see an orthodontist. Minor shifting of the bottom teeth is actually very easy to fix.

3) Your top teeth start shifting and you get gaps in between your top front teeth. Gum disease, your bite, or mismatched size of jaw and teeth are all factors that could contribute to the formation of gaps in between your front teeth.

4) Change in your bite and teeth. You might have had orthodontic treatment as a teenager and might have even had a retainer that you wore for a few years. Then lost the retainer and everything looked good, so you stopped thinking about it altogether, but now your teeth are not as straight as they used to be and they look crooked.

5) You lost a tooth and the teeth around it have shifted. Now you cannot get a fake tooth to replace the missing tooth because there is not enough room. As mentioned before, teeth move all your life. If you lose a tooth, the stability of your mouth changes and the teeth adjacent to the missed tooth will start shifting. As a result, replacing the missing tooth might not be readily possible without the help of an orthodontist. In those instances, a limited orthodontic treatment is required to move teeth back into place so that restorative work can be done to replace the missing tooth.

Woman Smiling iSmile Orthodontics Redmond WA These are a few examples of how your bite and your teeth can change as you age. If you are noticing any of those problems, call and schedule a free exam to look at your options into correcting your problem and achieving the smile you deserve. At iSmile Orthodontics in Remdond, Dr Sepi Torkan will ensure you get the best results out of your treatment.

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