How Is Invisalign Going To Fix My Crowding?

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If your teeth are crooked and you are looking to improve your smile, the health of your gums and your function, Invisalign might be the solution for you.

A few easy steps are all it takes for you to get the smile you deserve:

1) Schedule an appointment with an orthodontist

Dr. Sepi at iSmile Orthodonitcs in Redmond, WA will do a free consultation for you to determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign. At that appointment, some x-Rays and photos will be taken of your teeth. Dr. Sepi will then go over those photos and explain what needs to be fixed. Some of those might be things you have noticed before. Dr. Sepi then does a scan of your teeth and will show you a simulation of your corrected smile. The simulation will give you a sneak peak of your new smile.

2) After your first appointment, Dr. Sepi will spend time to virtually adjust your teeth to the ideal position.

This process need vast experience and training. Dr. Sepi has treated a lot of patients with Invisalign and know what works and does not work for you. She will adjust the virtual setup until she gets the results that are perfect for your teeth and are realistic at the same time. Your Invisalign aligners will then be fabricated for you and will be sent to iSmile Orthodontics office in Redmond, WA. The whole process of virtual setup to receiving your aligners in office takes 3-4 weeks. Invisalign can be used for an array of problems and not just crowding. Here are some other problems you might have noticed about your teeth:

  1. You have turned and rotated teeth: Dr. Sepi will place some attachments on your teeth. Those attachments are required to move those teeth efficiently. Each tooth will be moved gradually into its ideal position. Over the course of your treatment, you see gradual improvement in the position of your teeth until the ideal results are achieved.
  2. Your teeth do not touch in the front ( you have an open bite): Dr. Sepi will adjust your teeth so that your bite gradually starts closing. Openbite patients specially benefit from Invisalign treatment.
  3. Gaps in between your teeth: Dr. Sepi will virtually adjust your teeth to move them together and close all those gaps. During your treatment, you will notice that gaps gradually get smaller and smaller until they completely close.

3) Your next appointment will be the day that you start your Invisalign treatment.

That appointment takes about 1- 1 ½ hours. At that appointment, we will prophy your teeth first. Then some attachments will be placed on your teeth. Those attachments are required so your aligners can move your teeth predictably. The attachments are the same color as your teeth and will be polished off when you are done with your treatment. At that appointment, Dr. Sepi and her staff will answer all your questions about Invisalign and teach you how to use them. Here are some the frequently asked questions about Invisalign.

Is my speech going to be affected with Invisalign?

Unlike what most people think, speech is usually not affected with Invisalign. Some people might notice some lisping for the first few days after starting their treatment, but that usually goes away fairly quickly.

How many hours a day should I wear my Aligners?

You are required to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day. Aligners need to be removed for eating and drinking. Each set of aligners will move your teeth a certain amount and the next set of aligners will move them a little further. Your teeth will keep moving until all the virtual movements set up by Dr Sepi happen. At that point, your treatment is completed and your teeth are straight.

How much does Invisalign hurt?

Invisalign moves teeth a certain amount at a certain rate. That is what makes it very special. Most people do not report any discomfort with their aligners. Some might experience a little discomfort when they switch to a new set of aligners, but that usually goes away within a few hours. Each set of aligners is worn for a week.

Is it easy to tolerate Invisalign?

People usually adapt to their aligners pretty quickly and do not report any problems. The aligners are made of a thin material that is easily tolerated by most patients.

What happens if I damage an aligner?

All you need to do is call iSmile Orthodontics and let Dr. Sepi know that you have lost or damaged one aligner. Dr. Sepi will decide if you can skip that one and go straight to the next one. In case you need to wear the lost or misplaced aligner, Dr. Sepi will order a replacement for you. You will stay on your previous aligner until the new aligner is delivered. Most patients can switch to their next aligners and they will be fine.

4) You will be seen every 2-3 months at our office in Redmond, WA

Dr. Sepi will check the progress of your treatment. Some adjustments might be required at each appointment. Dr. Sepi will also check your compliance and decide if you have been wearing your aligners for enough days.

5) When treatment results are achieved, the attachments that were placed on your teeth will be removed and at the next appointment, you will get your retainers.

Retainers need to be worn indefinitely to maintain the results of your treatment. The first few weeks, retainers need to be worn full time, just like your Invisalign aligners. After a few weeks, retainer only need to be worn at night.

More questions? Schedule a consultation today at iSmile Orthodontics and talk to Dr. Sepi about what you see and what you want to fix.

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