Instructions for Invisalign and Clear aligners

Congratulations! You have now started the journey towards getting the smile you deserve. We have some helpful guidelines to ensure you will get the best results with your aligners

  1. Each tray is called an aligner. Each aligner has its number engraved on it. Aligners come in a sealed zip lock bag and bags are also numbered. You do not need to open the bag until you are ready to switch to the new one. This way you will not mix up your aligners. You are required to wear each set of aligners (top and bottom) for a limited number of days (usually 7 or 10 days) and then switch to the next one. After you complete the number of days, clean your aligners, dry them and keep them stored. You might need to return to some earlier stages of your treatment.
  2. THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR FOR SUCCESS WITH YOUR INVISALIGN TREATMENT IS YOUR COMPLIANCE. Aligners need to be worn for an average of 22 hours a day. Each aligner is moving some or all the teeth by a little amount and the next set of aligners are built off of the movement that happened in prior aligners. Failure to wear the aligners for enough hours in a day or enough days will lead to aligners not fitting properly.
  3. Handle your aligners with clean hands.  Rinse your aligners with water before you put them in and only wear your aligners with clean teeth. Remove aligners when eating or drinking anything except water. Do not use hot water on aligners or do not drink any hot drinks with them as they will distort and no longer fit.
  4. Do not bite your aligners into place as they might crack.  Use your fingers to press them into place. Another good way to seat them is use your “Chewies”. Your chewies are rubbery material that help seat your aligners. Use them for 10-15 minutes a day. It can be used for 10-15 minutes at a time or increments of 5 minutes. To use chewies, bite down and hold in the area where aligners need to fit better for 5 seconds, then release and repeat this process until the gap is reduced. *if you have a history of TMJ, do not use chewies, but instead use steady finger pressure to push the aligners in place.
  5. Your aligner should have no visible space between the edge of the teeth and the aligner itself when you are ready to change. The aligners should fit tight over the teeth so no space is visible at the edges of the teeth. If a gap exists, use your chewies religiously until the aligners fit properly.DO NOT TRANSITION TO YOUR NEXT ALIGNERS UNTIL ALL THE GAPS BETWEEN THE TEETH AND ALIGNERS ARE RESOLVED.

  6. Brush the inside of your aligners carefully after every meal. The aligners should look clear at all times and if they are starting to look cloudy, it is a sign of plaque accumulating inside them which can cause decalcifications and cavities on your teeth.
  7. You can brush the inside of your aligners with toothpaste and cool water or with baking soda and water.
  8. If there is a rough spot on your aligners, you can use an emery board to smooth that area.
  9. If you lose one of your aligners, it might be ok to go to the next one. But call us to confirm that it is ok to do so before moving to the next aligner.

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