Limited Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

A new smile…. A jewel on your face

A lot of people say I feel like my face needs something to brighten up, I need a change! Ever wonder what than change could be?

A beautiful and straight smile is sometimes all you need. As the old saying goes “Eyes are the window to your soul and smile is the mirror to your heart”. If you are not happy with your smile, schedule a free consult at our Redmond office here at iSmile Orthodontics and see what can be done to make your teeth beautiful and straight. Most people might not know this, but teeth move all your life. If you had orthodontic treatment years ago as a teenager and then lost your retainer as you went to college, the chances are your teeth have become slightly crooked again! Do you have to learn to live with “slightly crooked teeth” all your life or is there an easy way out?

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Wait no more, because long gone are the days of metal braces, goopy material to do impression of your teeth and a long treatment time.

Dr Sepi at iSmile Orthodontics will tailor your treatment based on your needs. Your need could be a change in your front teeth that have become slightly crooked, simply because you forgot to wear your retainer, or you lost it after high school. Limited orthodontic treatments do not take 2 years and could be completed in as little as 6-9 months. You could be a good candidate for a short, limited treatment. Schedule an appointment and see what your options are. Bring back that beautiful smile and smile more confidently.

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