Why Mail Order Orthodontics is a Bad Idea During Coronavirus

blog-featured-image-mail-order-orthodontics-during-coronavirus With the spread of COVID-19 rapidly changing our “new normal,” mail-order orthodontic is on the rise. From social media ads to TV commercials, the convenience of mail-order orthodontics becomes more appealing when you’re stuck at home. At iSmile Orthodontics, we understand that everyone wants a smile they can be proud of. For this reason, we will explain why mail-order orthodontics isn’t the way to achieve this goal.

Orthodontic Treatment Starts with an Appointment

We strongly suggest that orthodontic treatment start with an in-person appointment with a professional, not mail-order. While a virtual consultation can give a brief overview of what your oral issues may be, it is always best to be examined in-person. Starting treatment without this step could result in serious problems to your oral health and more money to fix the damage.

Whether you’re interested in braces or clear aligners, Dr. Sepi Torkan can offer high-quality professional care that is both safe and effective. Aligners should always be sized and designed to custom-fit your teeth after a thorough examination. Skipping out on a physical exam does not allow for a truly custom designed smile.

Routine Check-Ups are a Must

Accidents happen. What happens when problems arise during your mail order treatment? Do you fix it yourself or go to a dental professional who doesn’t know you to fix it? In some cases, you may not know there is an issue or what to look for. This is why routine checkups are an important part of the success of your orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists monitor your treatment progress and provide adjustments where necessary. This is a high standard of care you simply cannot get with mail order.

Mail-order Braces Can Cause More Harm Than Good

Orthodontics is not a one size fits all solution to getting the smile you deserve. This is why mail-order falls short. When you don’t have an accurate measurement of your teeth, you could end up with undesirable results or more problems than you started with. The process of orthodontics works by slowly positioning the teeth into the correct positions while considering the structure of the bones. Not only does this ensure that your teeth aren’t misaligned, but that your bite isn’t negatively affected as well.

Mail-Order Orthodontics is Not Backed by the ADA

The American Dental Association, ADA for short, has publicly spoken out against the use of mail-order orthodontics and its processes. The association believes that mail order is a dangerous form of dental treatment and it’s methods do not comply with the ADA’s best practice standards. Ask yourself, would you be comfortable getting treatment that does not comply with ADA regulations?

Take the first step in achieving the smile you’ve always wanted by contacting our office to schedule an appointment. You may have to wait until after quarantine to be seen but, trust us, the safe results you deserve are worth the wait.

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