My child’s permanent teeth are not coming in. Is that normal?

Sometimes, the baby teeth are lost a little bit earlier than they were supposed to. That could happen due to caries, trauma that can cause a tooth to get knocked out, or simply because your pediatric dentist wanted to remove some of the baby teeth. In those cases, there might be a delay in the eruption of permanent teeth and it is normal.

There could also be a difference between the left and the right side and teeth might not come in at the same time on both sides. There could be up to 6 months to a year difference between the left and right side and it is still normal.

Remember, each kid grows at their own pace and there is not set schedule as to when permanent teeth should come in.

Sometimes, there is an underlying reason why permanent teeth are not coming in. American Association of Orthodontics recommends the first orthodontic visit to be done as early as age 7. At iSmile Orthodontics in Redmond, Dr. Sepi will do an extensive free exam of your kids teeth and will do some X-rays. That will determine if some early intervention is required or if nothing needs to be done at that point. You can always come in for a free exam to make sure nothing is wrong. Dr. Sepi might recommend regular visit to make sure the eruption pattern of the teeth follow a normal path.

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