Orthodontic expander questions and problems

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FAQs about orthodontic expander

How to make a turn with the expander?

The turn is best done by a parent. Here are some easy steps

  1. Sit in  a well-lit area and tilt patient’s head back
  2. Place the key provided by your orthodontist firmly in the hole at the center of the expander. You might need to use flashlight to see clearly
  3. Push the key TOWARDS THE BACK OF THE MOUTH. The fender will rotate and a new hole will appear. When you can see the new hole completely, you are done turning.
  4. Remove the key and make sure you do not move it forward again.
Will having an expander hurt?

Expander opens up the suture in the roof of your mouth to create more room for all your permanent teeth. Sometimes you might feel a tingling sensation in your nose after making a turn and that is because the roof of your mouth is the floor of your nose. But usually, there is no pain related to turning the expander or having it in your mouth. If your oral hygiene is not ideal, that could cause inflammation of your gum tissue and start hurting. As long as you brush your teeth, around, and underneath the expander really well, you should not experience any major discomfort with it.

At iSmile Orthodontics, Dr Sepi has partnered with the best lab in the country to fabricate some of the smallest, easiest-to-tolerate expanders that are digitally printed for your kid. These expander have proven to be tolerated better than any other expanders in the market.


How long do you need to use mouth expander?

Your orthodontist will probably ask you to turn the expander for about 3-4 weeks. After that, the expander is usually left in place for 4-6 months. If taken out too early, the results will be unstable. While the expander is in place, your orthodontist will put braces on and start straightening your teeth. Most kids get used to their expander pretty quickly and forget it is there.


Will it hurt to take out a mouth expander?

Most kids are scared of that appointment, not knowing what to expect. Even though the expander is glued in place, your orthodontist has special instruments to dislodge and remove your expander without major discomfort. All kids love getting the roof of their mouth back!


How much does an orthodontic expander cost?

Your orthodontist will do a free exam to determine the need for a mouth expander. About 10-15% of kids have some kind of crossbite.  If your kid needs an expander, the chances are that they need some braces as well. The cost of the treatment will be determined after your initial exam by your orthodontist. At iSmile Orthodontics in Redmond, we accept major insurances and your insurance might cover part of your orthodontic treatment. Schedule an appointment to find out.

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