What is a Crossbite? Does My Kid Have Crossbite? Does it Need to be Fixed?

Child Smiling iSmile Orthodontics Redmond WA Crossbite is a misalignment of the teeth. Ideally, bottom teeth should fit into the top teeth. Just like a shoe box fit into the lid for the box. If this situation is reversed and top teeth fit into the bottom teeth, a crossbite is present. Crossbite can be seen only on one side of the back teeth (posterior crossbite), both sides or the front (anterior crossbite). Your child could have only the posterior or anterior crossbite or have both.

Why does my kid have crossbite? Does it need to be fixed?

There are many factors that can lead to a crossbite. Genetic factors, delayed loss of baby teeth or habits such as thumb sucking are all factors that can lead to a crossbite. Your child might have one or all the aforementioned factors.

Depending on the severity of crossbite and the age of your child, your orthodontist might recommend immediate treatment to resolve the crossbite. Your orthodontist will review the sleep pattern of your child as well. Some kids have trouble sleeping and might be tired during the day. Sleep pattern MIGHT be related to posterior crossbite and correction of the crossbite can help with your child’s sleep pattern.

There are some other reasons why crossbite needs to be corrected early:

1) Jaw shifting: crossbite can cause the jaw shift to one side or to the front. If left untreated, it can lead to facial asymmetry and lopsided jaw growth.
2) Wear of the protective layer of the teeth also known as enamel.

Treatment options


on the severity of the problem and your kid’s age, treatment can vary form a palatal expander, removable or fixed braces or Invisalign.

Your pediatric dentist will let you know if your kid has a crossbite. Find a list of your most trusted pediatric dentists in Redmond, Woodinville area here:


American Association of Orthodontics recommends the first orthodontic visit of your child be done as early as age 7.
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