Why are my child’s adult teeth coming in yellow?

At around age 6-7, your kid will start losing their front baby teeth and permanent or adult teeth will start replacing them. There are a few things that concern parents as permanent teeth start coming in:

1)   You notice that the adult teeth are darker and more yellow than the baby teeth. No need to worry! They are not stained……

   Adult permanent teeth have more dentin which is one of the inside layers of the tooth. Dentin is yellow and the color of dentin shows through which makes the teeth appear yellow. Dentin is one of the important layers of the teeth and having a thick layer of dentin is actually beneficial.  The other reason why you notice the color of the teeth, is because you are comparing them with their adjacent baby teeth and that makes the color difference even more pronounced. Once all baby teeth are replaced with adult teeth, the yellow color is not that noticeable.

If you are concerned that something might be wrong, you can see your pediatric dentist to have the teeth checked and make sure everything is all right.

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